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Thursday January 9th 2014  Tim Candler


     P equals "fundamental problem."  W equals "a virtue."  M equals "what is it and what is it like."  There was  time when P was considered a "Love of W."  And M is more recently called "science."  For my part I am going to define P as "thinking about stuff."  I am going to define W as "thinking about stuff in a political way."  And I am going to define M as "mathematics."   This way I can reduce philosophy, wisdom and metaphysics to quantities both  the Cedar Mockingbird and I might understand.  Which is another way of saying, I wish to embark upon  what I will call a "Q shift," because I don't like the word 'paradigm,' it's a word that has too much of a fashion quality, like "shark attack"  or  "blowing bubbles during a Polar Vortex."

      Interesting that the early Christian Church pretty quickly followed the Ancient Greeks and the less romantic Romans to  put W into the category of "Prudence."  Along with Justice, Temperance and Courage.  And more than likely this particular division of 'Virtues' predates writing things down.  So it's possible to argue that W is as much about "competition" or "how to get a socially acceptable satisfaction from winning," as it is to do with anything else.  So what might my reward be from a PWMQ shift.  I could say bight lights and a Chinese take away in Cancun.  Or I could think of it as an underlayment over which I have no control.


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