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Thursday July 10th 2014  Tim Candler


    A person gets to worry a little about a Yellow Chat who might be still courting in this part of July. Of course it could be that he cannot help himself and has become somehow devoted, and will continue to dance and call until the chill calls him south to the always warmer places where he might stand in awe of the Birds of Paradise. The Aztec had sacred Quecholli, thirteen of them, all flying creatures and each had a role in the day to day and on their calendar. Their Turkey was a feathered serpent.  Their Butterflies were lords of flesh.  Their Hummingbird was either a lord of fire or a lord of earth. Their Parrot was a lord of duality, which is kind of neat

     There's no doubt in my mind that Yellow Chat, were so humbled when they passed through the lands of the Aztec that they never were able to consider themselves worthy of doing very much more than skulk in the dense trees and peep at the Quecholli. Otherwise the Aztec would have given them the huge responsibility of becoming the Lords of the Dance.  A Yellow Chat's a shy bird by nature, prefers not to be seen, but down there where ground slips toward the creek in Robina Wood, and the sun shines strong, he has found a stage to his liking. And down there, on his private stage, he is the Lord of the Dance.

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