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Friday July 11th 2014  Tim Candler


    The Parrot, as lord of duality, makes great sense to me. I can hear his mimic, and the confusion it might cause.  "Is that the Tlotli calling for rain, or are we again confounded by Toznene."  And I guess too, here where I live, a Mockingbird might be the Lord of Duality. But at the same time, Parrots tend to sit around being somewhat supercilious around other Parrots and they are nut and fruit eating. They do not rush from here to there, and I do not believe a Parrot is ever in so undignified a  mood as to chase other flying creatures.  Rather, their stance with respect to others, is judged by the witty utterance, the off hand remark and a host of expressions by which to demonstrate their disgust through slow and deliberate movement.

     More interesting perhaps is how a Parrot might approach his or her attitude to footwear. Would Parrots, for example, approve of Welly Wanging as a competitive sport, and for those who might be curious, Welly Wanging is throwing gumboots and is taken quite seriously in the more rural parts of the United Kingdom and in much of Finland. Or would Parrots consider such an activity a touch deranged and somewhat pointless. And here, I know with some degree of certainty that Mockingbirds would heartily approve of the sport, they enjoy that sort of thing, it sets their fire burning. As well, it's interesting to ask whether Parrots would share the view that sees insult in shoe tossing.  My own thought  is that they probably would.  And for this reasons, I kind of think there's no way Mockingbirds can be thought of as lords of duality.

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