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Sunday July 13th 2014  Tim Candler


    The Quail, for the Mayan, had much to do with our star.  Now while all Quail don't look exactly alike they do share a certain set of characteristics, one of which is what I'd call a sort of wide eyed optimism coupled with a potential for nervous energy.  You can see them, sometimes peaceful about their business, sometimes considering the possibility of flight, and sometimes experiencing an intense panic. However, it would be difficult to think of a Quail as experiencing moments of depression that requires them to sit and stare at a wall for hours on end. They are kind of like Finches that way.

     Of course it's a thoroughly subjective approach to the characteristics and personality of birds that I share with the Mayans. Leaps of imagination so vast they might even be considered eccentric, but I will say of Quail I do not think of them as Scrabble Playing. It's all very well for the Blue Bird to play chess, but Quail in my view would be good at at the old game of pick-a-sticks. It's a game that requires agility of mind and body, involves huge tension, moments of intense happiness, and often remorse. Kind of like the Sun.

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