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Tuesday July 15th 2014  Tim Candler


    The Foucault Lizard will guard her nest, and I realize that Foucault when I think of this name is a boy, so maybe it's the boy Foucault Lizard that patrols the nest.  Then, when working on compost piles, a Gardener clumsily disturbs the Foucault Lizard nest, almost skewers him or her, he or she will flip his or her tail, and dazzling that turquoise tail can look in the sunshine. There's nervousness certainly between both parties, an OMG I suppose, but there's no running away by the Foucault Lizard.  He or she will stare at you, casting blame, and then you notice the eggs.

     They are about the size of a Garbanzo Bean, but Hen egg shaped. And while the Gardener offers his profuse apologies and returns the fine tilth of compost, with just a few clods of clay in it, to the nesting area, the Foucault Lizard will sit a while daring you to chase him or her into the undergrowth where there are probably Rattlesnakes and where there are most certainly Tics the size of Lima Beans. And when the excitement is through, and the heart has returned to some kind of normal rhythm, a Gardener can wonder at a Foucault Lizard egg compared to the size of a Foucault Lizard.  It's a very impressive by the girl Foucault Lizard.

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