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Tuesday July 1st 2014  Tim Candler


    The evening cigarette, which precedes a moment or two at the tooth brushing station, before retiring to my own man cave, includes a little wandering around. And during this wandering around it is often possible to be startled by Toads, which is not something one really needs when preparing an un-lobotomized  mind and an aging body for sleep. Last evening, within twenty feet of each other, there were three moments of startle, and in the morning it was almost impossible to ignore Toad scat.

     I'm not a big expert on these things, but relative to the size of a Toad, their scat is in my view pretty damn big. It's possible of course that a Toad's bowel moves very rarely.  It's also possible that Toad food is mostly arms, legs, wings, carapaces and other such indigestible parts. And I guess too, someone, somewhere has done the calculation, but it seems to me an error to underestimate the toll a night prowling Toad will take on Insect communities.

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