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Sunday July 20th 2014  Tim Candler


    Slow rain, a slight chill and a breezeless-ness, all of it causing damp among the Tomato.  And under these dangerous circumstances of weather, experience has suggested, conditions are perfect for the pox of exploding Tomato.  I'll also tread warily around the Beans, because under these conditions, they too suffer a loss of purpose, their leaves embrace each other for protection I guess, and next thing there's a yellowing which brings on rot and misery, but walk amongst them now and it just makes things worse.

     One of the issues of course is to leave angelic space between plants. This way each one can have their being without having to touch others of their kind, and thereby avoid  infection by communal antagonisms that lead to hysteria and some very poor behaviors. But I have been told that Peppers like to touch each other, they gain a strength of character, like a charging horde I guess, the Mongol of the Vegetable Garden. Either way, the better mental attitude from the Gardener during these trying times is a stiff jawed dourness and the odd passionless grunt for good luck.

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