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Monday July 21st 2014  Tim Candler


    Thrasher nest in the near Apple tree is with chick. Never in all my rurality have I ever seen a Thrasher nest so near to a domicile. In a sense it's a glorious moment, but I sometimes wonder what happened to my friend the Close Mockingbird, and given the gossip about Mockingbird's chasing off Thrashers in places like Ohio and Canada, I am developing a suspicion about Thrashers.

     It is possible the Thrasher community, here where I live, having heard these dastardly rumors about more northern dwelling Mockingbird, did something horrible to the Close Mockingbird when I was away.  There is no evidence of course, no smoking gun. But it's these sort of suspicions which lead to an increase in a person's determination never to leave their county again.

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