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Tuesday July 22nd 2014  Tim Candler


    The Rabbit of Usk has achieved yet one more moment of impasse. Easy to suggest the brain is not large enough to contain him, and one solution might be humility as opposed to the current solution which could be briefly summed with an expression from the ultimate doubt "Why has't thou forsaken me." Which may or may not be a tad extreme, given that the Rabbit's provenance is entirely from somewhere between my own poor excuse for ears.

     I do know that when the Rabbit is done, then so am I. And this might have caused a neurosis on my part, a self created impasse in the flow of what ever it is that passes for time on earth. I still like the idea of  June 21st 2021, which is a little under seven years for now.  Feels like plenty of time to wander the trails the Rabbit of Usk has wandered. So that helps a mind recognize its limitations, so long as nothing gets to be cute or nice or kind.

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