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Wednesday July 23rd 2014  Tim Candler


    Existential means, "about being alive."  There'll be debate of course, and I'm too stuck in my ways to enter that debate. But the point "about being alive" is an understanding of "not being alive."  And some of those understandings of "not being alive," are really far too contrived for serious consideration. Then at moments of impasse a person might spot a number of spindly arms and legs drowning in a bucket of water. An insect of some sort in terrible trouble. Not a cute, or nice, or kind thing at all to watch,

     Anyway, during the rescue attempt, someone was stung on the little finger, and there's no way in this world Wasps are cute, or nice or kind, even if they might not look like a Wasp when they're in the process of drowning. And that circumstance, that moment of bite, stinger like a hot needle, and "about being alive" cruising past the immediate horizon, some glitter laden nursing professional wielding a syringe.  Nor can my last thought ever be, "I hope my underpants are clean."  Lo, thou shalt hop about in the Valley of the Usk River, and continue to circle round and round.  I'm going to call it Psalm 69.

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