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Saturday July 26th 2014  Tim Candler


    Small Brownish Perching Birds, is kind of a mouthful. But you call them Finches or Sparrows at your peril, because Small Brown Perching Birds are easy to  underestimated, and they'll demand more respect from the Gardener.  Nor are our communities of Small Brown Perching Birds in the least shy or retiring.  When engaged in community disagreements, best just to sit in the shade a while until the issue is resolved. Then around Sunflower bloom which is now, Gold Finch appear, all look at me and la-di-dah.

     No idea where the Gold Finch come from, they must have a central radar which detects the bloom of Sunflower, and telegrams are dispatched to those Gold Finch who have subscribed. And I don't know whether you have ever seen a bird sneer, but look out for Small Brown Perching Birds around Gold Finch and you'll see that little over the shoulder look followed by a couple of hops of disgust. And I can understand it, because I too react poorly around glamour.

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