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Sunday July 27th 2014  Tim Candler


    Nineteen quarts from the Outdoor Stove, the last eight under conditions of Tornado Watch, with wind gusts, rain and some kind of down flow from the heavens which caused large biting drops, that felt more like Arctic Mosquito bites than what you might expect from a Sunday in  July with a feel like temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit and which caused what might have been an eclipse of the Sun.

    I mention this heroism because it's sometimes necessary for a Gardener to know that he has the necessary grit to can stuff under very, very, very  trying conditions. And if you want to know the secret of such a demonstration of courage, it emerges essentially from that much maligned mental attitude called dourness.  A good Gardener is never, ever cheerful. He's more like a Horn Worm that way, slow plodding and resolute.


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