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Wednesday July 9th 2014  Tim Candler


    Let's call it the Keynesian  Dilemma.  I don't know many people who are so inspired by their work they skip to it in the early morning.  I do know a great many people who really enjoy spending the money they have earned while in Hades on mostly pointless things. I also know people who work everyday of the week and are still cold and hungry in the winter.  And I have heard of people who have access to so much of the world's wealth they pretty much own everybody else, and they sit around complaining about how unappreciative, undeserving  and lazy the  rest of us are.  Granted it's been like this for our species for thousands of years, but Keynes reckoned that by now there'd be wealth sufficient for all of us to enjoy our lives without having to spend most of it being told what to do by people we don't like. And maybe I'm paraphrasing a little, but his was an idea that once inspired me to belong.

     Years ago, when I read Keynes's letter to his grandchildren, I believed him. And still today, I reckon his understanding was based upon something that I will call genuine. In another way, I still believe, correct or incorrect, he meant what he said, and was not inspired by some extraneous and deceitful self-serving motive. And maybe because today I am further away than ever from what might be called a respectable assimilation, the current incarnation of Keynes's letter to his grandchildren that comes to us totally unsupported by anything much more than a well appointed bathroom mirror, and as sound bites, from one of Google's people owners, leaves me cold and totally uninspired, because I cannot find it in me to believe the man even the tiniest bit genuine in his utterances. Rather, I am of the opinion that he is doing nothing more than pursuing a Machiavellian scheme that will serve to further reduce us all, taking us further and further away from ever being Keynes's grandchildren and deeper and deeper into shit creek. Call me a static old fart, if you wish to.

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