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Monday June 16th 2014  Tim Candler


    The Vegetable Garden is ripe with Revanchism. You just have to turn your back for a couple of days, and it's like three weeks later. Good King Henry the size of small trees, edging all gone to pot. Portulaca dribbling around, you might want to call it Purslane if it's in a pot and has a potential for  bloom, but in the Vegetable Garden it's Portulaca, and quite what it might have ever done to me I don't know, but I sure have done some terrible things to it in the past and will be doing a few more terrible things to it before this week is up.


     Even the Garden Toad seems to have doubled in size, and has taken on combinative appearance, which I'd like to think has more to do with his growth spurt, than due to some sort of sulking following an absence of muddiness in his wallowing spots.  And too there's a sense of being awash with Little Rabbit, the tiny ones, whose measure of adorableness does indeed exceed that of Chipmunk. And you can bet there's some kind of Tomato pox waiting after the cold night, which I missed here but experienced with coleslaw over there.


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