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Thursday June 19th 2014  Tim Candler


    In the Gregorian Calendar this is the year 2014. In the Dangun Calendar, which is the older of the two  Korean calendars,  this is the year 4347. The Juche Calendar which is North Korea's current calendar it's the year 103. In one of the Chinese Calendars this is either the year 4710 or 4650 and it's really too complicated to work out which. There's a Hindu Calendar where our 2014 is either 5115 or 5116. The Assyrian Calendar, this year is a handsome 6764. Which in my view suggests that our species has been thinking about the passing of days and months and years for at least seven thousand years.

     Juche is also a political philosophy, which like most political philosophies can be interpreted in a number of ways. It's basically a rejection of historical materialism in favor of people or idea as the guiding hand, and necessarily the people are encapsulated in the form and shape of a good or great leader, who is also in charge of the army, security services, the press, the television, and the list of ideas would be rather long.  I guess Saint Augustine would recognize Juche as an earthly means to discipline the body. But I have to think he probably had an opinion or two about what might happen when things went awry with the earthly leader. Not absolutely certain Augustine's solution was the correct one, but wouldn't it be nice of it was.


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