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Sunday June 22nd 2014  Tim Candler


    The Friend Who Lives Too Far Away identified a scat over there where edges do not apply, out beyond the zone of control, a wilderness of croaking and cricket, near to what's loosely referred to as the Orchard, where Three Sisters are attempting a harmony of nitrogen fixers, greedy Maize and travelling Hubbard and maybe a Candy Roaster to shade the earth.  There are Potato and well nibbled Soy Bean out there as well.  And the ground itself is kind of like Granite, so the Potato harvest is going to be a new experience because it'll probably require resorting to a hammer and chisel.  And there's no doubt of course that everything else out there in the Three Sisters will likely have the capacity to harvest themselves, which is very decent and thoughtful of them.

    The scat contained some kind of berry, which after poking around a little, the Friend Who Lives Too Far Away determined was some kind of Cherry and that therefore the scat belonged to some kind of tree climber.  Nor did the scat look particularly well formed. It wasn't what I'd call a well considered scat, and the suggestion was made that it had been dumped there in haste.  As well the scat was kind of large, not something one might over look, and the wiser conclusion was that the scat belonged to a Raccoon.  And here my own thought was that  it was a pretty damned big Raccoon, maybe six foot three, 200 pounds.. Fortunately there's been considerable interest in scat of late, and what some of us thought might have been a scat issuing from something the size of a Possum or a Wild Cat or maybe a small Goat, turned out to have come from the Garden Toad, who's about four inches when seated.


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