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Wednesday June 25th 2014  Tim Candler


    Putting a real price on things is really very difficult. You have to ask a question like, "what was the price of the second world war."  And here, when attempting the calculation, would you give each life lost a Dollar, or a Yen  figure.  And how would you calculate the value of a building, two minutes before it was destroyed. Also you'd have to have a calculation which gave a number to the entail of the second world war. The jobs, the movies, the sense of citizenship, the innovations and so on.

    And then, you'd also have to give consideration to the other side. Make some calculation that would enable you to put a Dollar or Yen figure on the savings and benefits and costs of the war, had the other side won.  As well there'd have to be some consideration of what might have happened had the war never been. So putting a real price on things isn't easy. And it's the same with something like the real price of electricity, or the real price of a barrel of oil, or the real price of a compost pile.


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