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Friday June 27th 2014  Tim Candler


    Lord, the hot air is upon us, and though the Winter might have been extra cold, it just seems wrong the Summer should be this hot, and humid and probably rainless and the bloom of mold on White Man's Foot and a sort of ennui in the Vegetable Garden.  'Limp' I guess it all is. 'Fetid' might also be a word, though I believe 'fetid' applies to odor. Either way, "it is not of roses" in the outdoors which means Blackberry will be ripening shortly

    Always worth lingering a moment on the hills and dales of the Welsh Marches, as I remember them.  The Blackberry there will not be ripening until probably the end of September.  There'll be little streams in the creases of higher land, and you might see a Dipper busy about her business. You'd be lucky to see a Mosquito, might even welcome one, and if you were bitten by a Tic you'd feel duty bound to report him to the Nature Conservancy Council.

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