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Sunday June 29th 2014  Tim Candler


    I guess when the means of exchange becomes a commodity, asset bubbles are inevitable.  And possibly too, my own interpretations of  the market place are not bound by assurances of salesmen, but rather they are held fast in the iron grip of an analysis of our species that sees us all as kind of lost.  So invariably shiny things attract us, and better to put it within the framework of Christmas Tree decorations than to become all puritan and righteous in our reaction to our own limbic responses to I guess what the Saints might call 'egregiousness.'

     But none of this means we have to be jolly about the Vegetable Garden. And here, I regret to say, I have to return to the conundrum of edging. If I was to say, "edging limits" life would be so much simpler, but I can't because I have to take a constructionalist approach, which means that  I have a model of my own universe in my own mind that has over time been  constructed out of the blank slate I might once have been. And how, I wonder, do I remove 'edging' from this model without enduring some kind of mental breakdown.  Such a shame the  lobotomy is no longer fashionable.

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