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Monday June 2nd 2014  Tim Candler


    The Thrasher's child is flying, the lucky little devil. He's very sweet and still too innocent to feed himself, and he spends much of his time around the Compost Piles, where there is good cover for him and things to peck at, and he can foray out onto the grass, get all excited about things like Clover Bloom in one of The Artist's Puddles, which are areas of longer grass that are kind of semi tame, and a  perfect place for a young Thrasher to get a sense of his world, without being jumped on by something.  The parent Thrashers are getting to that point where they no longer issue nervous warnings, and you get the impression that they might be kind of proud, because they'll stare at you and maybe I'm mistaken, but they kind of puff up a little in that slightly off-putting  snooty manner. So it's all rather nice with the comradeship and a sort of warm feeling and no one getting worked up with each other, and throwing blame around as though it was confetti and making Gardeners feel guilty of something, which causes Gardeners to creep around and avoid certain parts of the Garden so as not to get yelled at.

    It's very difficult to explain to a bird that while there might be some who wish them ill, not everyone considers them food. Thrashers are related to Mockingbirds, and another interesting thing about Mockingbirds is that they can tell the difference between people who might be up to no good and people who are perhaps too dim-witted to be concerned about. I'm sure you might think this mumbo-jumbo, but it's true where I live. Maybe Thrashers share this ability, but I don't really think so, because Thrashers don't observe the sort of territories that Mockingbirds observe. I think perhaps Thrashers are a little more adventurous than Mockingbirds, not quite so fuddy-duddy, if you get my drift. And I guess, what with the Summer Tanager going on and on, and the Cardinal with his particularly piercing screech on the electric line, and Chipmunk driven to distraction by the lack of the Spring Maple Wing-Nuts, a time comes when pretty much everyone ignores their Gardener. But I reckon it's worth it, because pretty soon now the tooth and claw of Insect Season begins. Green Stinkbug, the more agile of the Stinkbug, are going to be trouble this year. It's going to get ugly, and I'm ready for them.


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