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Tuesday June 3rd 2014  Tim Candler


    You can learn a lot about the world from a seed company's approach to propaganda. And I guess over time the marketing department becomes so engrossed by themselves that their connection to reality becomes a sort of super-duper-meta-narrative built around a thesaurus, supported by imaging software and maintained by some kind of mind altering substance that causes a marketing department employee to believe he is flying around on a magic carpet.  And you have to ask, what the hell's the point of trusting words, or what people say.

    I know it's not real fashionable to talk about Orwell. He's sort of scary looking socialist from the Great Depression kind of a person. He did sort of socialist things, like being a schoolboy at Eton, like growing a Hitler mustache and joining the Colonial Police Force in Burma. He he had relatives out there. Returning to England to see how the English poor lived, then tried to go to jail to see how the English poor really lived, did a bit of teaching at kind of posh schools, and a couple of months after he got married he went off to  fight for the communists in the Spanish Civil War. So I guess all flying carpets are relative, and Cancun is real.


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