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Friday June 6th 2014  Tim Candler


    In the West we often forget the role of the Second World War and the role of the Soviet Union in developing a  post world war two western consensus around a social contract, which for one reason or another began to quickly fade when the Soviet Union began to crumble. There's a whole argument here, The Austrian School, The Keynesians, the greed is good school, and the list would go on to probably include the Romans.

    However on this anniversary, you have to ask why the graveyards and battle fields of seventy years ago are free to the general public, but the graveyard and battlefield of the day now referred to as  9/11 will cost you. And you have to wonder what the old soldiers might think of that. And of their possible answers, I have to think "They should also pay to get into our graveyard," might not be one of them.


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