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Monday June 9th 2014  Tim Candler


    One of the things about Preparing for Blackberry, is that the paths you cut also make it easier for others. Turkeys, Raccoons, Possums and the panoply of digestive tracts that relish Berries. Then there is the issue of Blackberry thorns, how others manage thorns, I don't know.  You'd think that a plant would wish to spread seed as far and wide as possible, but Blackberry must have some idea about who it is that does the spreading. You have to be very determined and brave, bold and noble, heroic even, because the bulk of Blackberries, are almost impossible to reach, unless you are small and can perch, or have the capacity to hover, or have very, very long arms with something nimble on the end of them.


     Obviously not the thing that is me, because I am short, round, easily overheated and nervous around snakes or things that look or sound as though they might be snakes, and I'm pretty certain there is an undiscovered species in these here hills that spends much of it's time hiding things like hammers and trowels and screwdrivers and clippers and balls of string from me and I know for a fact that down there in Robina Wood where the better Blackberries are, there is something that growls and sometimes sneezes, and I don't believe this creature is tree climbing or friendly. So it's all a bit of an adventure, but the Blackberry look plentiful. They must have enjoyed the winter.


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