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Monday March 10th  2014  Tim Candler


     A huge day for us. Just enormous. A giant leap. One of those days that will enter the imagination, and stand as blow for freedom and liberty. Egalite, fraternite, and perhaps a little bricolage. It's a stand against the creep of a dependency. The sloth of meritocracy. Lord, consider they humble servant. And I would go on to paraphrase Philippians 2, but why further irritate the Almighty. Why aggravate him on so proud a day with a verse or two  about vainglory from the King James Version.



      Nor was it an easy thing to achieve. If you include the mental preparation, the planning, the strategery, I'd estimate thirty years followed by two hours with an 800 number listening to the rote. One part of which included the phrase, "I can understand that," followed by a "But." And fair warning for those who might boldly travel in our footsteps, the solution might not be, "I am old, I am poor, I am close to death."  "I can understand that. But for five dollars a month you can freeze your dish cable account for nine months."


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