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Tuesday March 11th  2014  Tim Candler


     Commodity Fetishism, is not only a wonderful phrase to sneer as a person goes about his day to day, but it is also one of the corners in the far flung movement of idea which years ago might have been called "anti-authoritarian Marxism."  Essentially an acceptance that Kapital isn't quite what Marx thought it was. Indeed it was very much more insidious, so much so in fact that it might be the case that the only possible opposition to its ubiquity in the everyday of life was a sort of dissemination of idea that included loose leaf collections of like minded individuals and moments of detournement. Detournement is classically a French word that means, turning something back on itself. And turning something back on itself is one of the curves in thinking that causes something that might not have been funny to become funny. And it's this same curve that so many seek in their search for innovation.



      Evidence from my own experience of others and experience of myself, suggests that the great majority who think changing society is a good, tend to come from that group in our midst who themselves wish to become the Wolves. Suggest otherwise and a person is accused of "not caring enough to want to be a Wolf"  And you can trust me when I say that if ever you hear someone blame our ills upon "education," it's only because they wish to change a syllabus.  And here I think that it's likely that something like 'occupy wall street' had it better understood that detournement  is more like an act of comedy than it is an act of politics, then they might better have understood what "anti-authoritarian Marxists" tried to write about in their attempts to grapple with what they called social alienation. Then of course these Dada-ists become famous, start getting fabulous wages and the next thing you know they're being driven around in limousines. All so much simpler to put it into the perspective of devils, angels and the commoditization of souls.  And here I guess I'm kind of on the side of the devils.


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