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Wednesday March 12th  2014  Tim Candler


     I have come to the conclusion that much of my time at this table, is spent in what might be called, 'manufacturing confusement.'  In another way, my use of language often fails utterly to express what it is I think  it expresses. So, in an attempt to find resolution, I entered  sentences into a device called a 'grammar check,' which underlines all suspect expressions of the written word with a green squiggly line.  Of the fourteen sentences I entered, only one very short sentence, was green squiggly line free. And, 'grammar check' offers suggestions about how my use of the written word might be improved. A wonderful discovery because now that the television is gone I still have a screen to vehemently disagree with.



      Sometimes when I read written work, I get a picture of long windedness that I too could become guilty of. An endlessness that becomes very boring. "Just get on with it." And too,  I get a picture of a personality behind the words.  And if that personality appeals to me, then the story itself is almost an irrelevance.  Anyway, I swallowed pride and I followed the advice of  Grammar Check.  I then changed the font and low and behold I was reading something written by a rather unpleasant man, whose cloy and opinions I did indeed find irritating and almost incomprehensible.  Incidentally, beginning a sentence with an "And" is an act of resistance on my part, it very rarely makes any sense. So tomorrow, if I can remember to,  I'm going to attempt to explain another act of detournement, this one from the 1960's that remains very present in my mind.


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