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Saturday March 1st  2014  Tim Candler


     Endocrine Disruptors are chemicals that disrupt the orderly progression of god's plan for hormones as they wander through a body.  Quite how they do this I really do not know. That they do this, may or may not be demonstrable, due to the sorts of maneuvering exemplified by whether or not the climate is changing as a result of the various activities from us people.  For some, I guess, it's better not to know in case it means you can't spend your two weeks in Cancun or drive around in your vehicle just because it is snowing. For others it becomes yet one more nail in the coffin, that requires the construction of placards, going to the effort of acquiring the status of a charitable organization, followed by strong letters to complete strangers asking for money.  So in many respects it's perfectly understandable why Walking Stewart begged those who read Apocalypse of Nature to translate the work into some  language other than English and then bury the translation under a tree, in the hope that some future generation might better receive it.

      Oddly enough the Apocalypse of Nature is not so much about the end of the world, rather it is a materialist dialectic in support of reason. The enemy, that beast in the forest which is blind and cannot see, up against the turning of moral motion, which has a mathematics to it, and we must "bow down to the microscope,"  not because we necessarily wish to but because we can and we have to. And yes indeed it is perfectly reasonable to argue that if you can't afford the hospital bill, you should not be permitted to enter a hospital. And if you want cheap natural gas you need to cause more earthquakes so long as you don't cause them anywhere near the domicile of an Exxon executive. And if you want to eat, you have to allow the eradication of pests through the application of chemicals, some of which might be Endocrine Disruptors.  And here there is one Endocrine Disruptor that might have the effect of turning boys into girls. Currently this disruption is considered a birth defect, but who ever really knows what god's narrative might be.


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