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Thursday March 20th  2014  Tim Candler


     I hadn't intended to ramble on quite so much in this quest to grapple with my own understanding of  "An Act Detournement." Indeed if I go back several days, I can discover a sincere attempt on my part to be cogent, precise, and without random or even tangential asides. Might even have attempted a semi-colon. But, maybe it's because early 1960 something, was really quite a long time ago in the life of a person who has the dubious distinction of being still alive, and at my age a person tends to loiter over descriptions of the shape of their past environments. Ask the bright young things at the Grocery Store how boring we can be. Then, if I think a little harder about it, I begin to realize that I'm actually attempting to set the stage for an understanding of motivation. And I say this, because the way I have chosen to describe the shape of the environment in which one single "An Act Detournement" might have occurred, is so thoroughly subjective and self driven, that I can begin to understand the sort of challenge a Priest must face. And though I have never actually confessed to a living Priest, because I prefer to oblige the long dead female saints, I can indeed understand how in the course of their training a living Priest is taught to say "get on with it," in a number of different ways, some more polite than others. It's a list of sins, rather than a rainbow of debatable activities. It's a "thou shalt not," at least until the lobbyists get hold of it.  So, while it can be great fun to wallow in one's own prejudices, I do not consider my explanation of "An Act Detournement" a Team Sport. I do not think of it as a sort of cuddling of minds, a purring of affirmation, a slobbering in the shower rooms.  And it's this outsider understanding of Team Sport that is more often the impulse behind "An Act Detournement."

       Witness the sort of flow that leads men and women into folly, as though they are upon train tracks and are quite unable to to find a siding. In physics, I believe this self congratulatory chattering and fondle could be called momentum.  Minds become set, they roll downhill, and they roll downhill so long as there is a hill to roll down. And the closer they get to the bottom of the hill, the harder a mind tries to roll. And too often in our species Impasse has come to mean bloodshed or at minimum fisticuffs. In a sense "An Act Detournement" is a belief in the paramountcy of idea, and might be described as an 'objection to team proclamations.' And because it should have absolutely nothing to do with the material world, it's a lonely but very necessary business, often usurped and manipulated by shit heads looking to brand their own ambitions, whether political or financial or emotional.  And if you have noticed the contradiction in these sentences, you might wish to ask me the question "why are you troubling to broadcast your precious little self?" I prefer to think of the answer as belonging to the geometry of living things, of which I am one, rather than to anything that might be even a little bit comprehensible through the medium of language, or algebra.. And this answer to that question, has much to do with an understanding of  "An Act Detournement." As well, in the next couple of days, I see myself becoming invincibly cruel, which I'll not apologize for in advance, but would rather offer as a warning to anyone who might consider this an exercise in sharing. And I say this because structure is a valuable asset in a preconception of a person or of a word or of an idea. And structure by it's nature contains bias, kind of like a train track.  (to be continued.....)



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