An English In Kentucky


















Monday May 12th 2014  Tim Candler


      Yellow Chats up and down and across the slope. Indigo Bunting are darting around, reacquainting themselves with their own idea of slope territories, and with Indigo Bunting you can be pretty certain they spent their holidays in map rooms plotting their next campaign. And here I'd call it the Indigo Bunting Summer Campaign, but it would probably make no sense to them, because for an Indigo Bunting it's always Summer. All the same, at this time of the year, they kind of have that  binocular wearing contentment of Generals, harmless but convinced of their invincibility. And when a few more weeks have passed, doubt and suspicion will set in and when that happens a boy Indigo Bunting becomes like a nutcase. Quite without balance, more like a berserker, which makes for a truly worrisome neighbor. And I guess that's what girl Indigo Bunting's look for in their men, a sort of wild eyed lunatic.

     And I guess if you're a gentle Yellow Chat, devoted to the manners of song and dance, the nuances of movement, the Butterfly wing flapping that a person can hear if they're listening, and which no doubt in my mind has at least a potential to greatly impress the girl Yellow Chats, because it sure as hell impresses me. So, it must be kind of a nightmare having an Indigo Bunting as a neighbor. As well, you'd think that being bright shiny blue, a sort of Peacock feather blue, an Indigo Bunting would be very easy to see, sitting there all bad tempered on the Blackberry canes. But he's not, and if you're Yellow Chat practicing some kind of aerial pirouette, better get it all worked out before middle of June when Indigo Bunting reckon there's grain enough in the grasses for egg laying.  Because once that starts everyone on the slope pretty much has to hold their breath and keep perfectly still against Indigo Bunting, until maybe the end of July.



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