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Monday May 19th 2014  Tim Candler


    Big Sun factor. It's not hot but it's very bright, with the blue sky that can remind a person of the Sinai around March.  All I can say is, thank goodness there is a rich green and not white sand to dazzle the eye.  The summer hat's a necessity for red blotchy people, and were it not for my own political objections to sunglasses, I guess there could be a really annoying argument for trying to find out where I might have put them. Nor am I that fond of sunglasses on other people, there's something sinister about them.

    Much more interesting, while inspecting the Red Norlands I spotted a Colorado Beetle. Now granted it's a good few months since I last saw one, but this Colorado Beetle was a smaller than I remember, and like most Colorado Beetle it was perfectly calm, it didn't run around or drop and roll, or anything like that. And too I spotted a Squash Bug, it was beady eyed and very active, the little bastard.  As well, it's not often you see a Green Heron, which might have been interested in our Frogs.


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