An English In Kentucky


















Thursday May 1st 2014  Tim Candler


     Big day for those not that enamored by the Status Quo. That kind of sense that maybe our species should look at the world with fresh eyes, rather than step aboard the roller coaster at about two days old and sixty odd years later find ourselves sloshed into a grave, where for some reason there might be a tear and a couple of petals. But maybe we are more like equations, and it kind of takes a gene splice to alter us.

     All the same a person can't help but wonder about the Age of Enlightenment. A couple of hundred years that ran against the grain of acceptance. Now it's all kind of back to the more ancient handbooks, which had much better understandings of us as equations. And always worth remembering the Art of Ancient Egypt, their portrayal of us people didn't much change for a couple of thousand years.  Either way, "hurray-hurray."



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