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Friday May 23rd 2014  Tim Candler


   Thrashers have fledged their chick. I'm told that in the more northern parts of their breeding range, Brown Thrashers are declining and one argument for this decline is laid upon Mockingbird xenophobia.  And here, when you're talking about the northern part of a Thrasher's range you're talking up there in places like Ohio and Southern Canada and all the way west to almost Alberta.


    Our own Thrasher's nest is very close to the Cedar Mockingbird nest. About eight years ago, Thrasher's would nest down there in the Multiflora on the edge of the trees. Then about three or five years ago I started to see Thrashers here in winter. And you can't say that last winter was mild, but the Thrasher stuck it out, and I guess I can share the Mockingbird's view that Thrashers are now resident where I live.


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