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Saturday May 24th 2014  Tim Candler


   Somewhere around 2008 we got one Cherry from the Cherry Tree.  It was carefully divided and shared. This year some of us got quite excited because the Cherry Tree had roughly thirty Cherries upon its boughs.  Of those thirty odd Cherries some succumbed to what I will call "Premature Beak Peck." It's when someone with a beak pecks at a fruiting body just to check to see if it might one day be edible. The resulting peck leaves the unfortunate fruiting body with a wound, that then suppurates, attracts insect life, who as we all know eat just about anything that's been hurt. And I guess when all is said and done, the year 2014 will go down in the record book as the year when we got two Cherries from the Cherry Tree.


    Now, I have been following this argument about Mockingbirds being at least one of the reasons Thrashers who travel north to breed are in a decline.  I believe yesterday I tried to suggest that Mockingbirds round here reckon Thrashers are residents and tolerate them as a minor nuisance. Yesterday I saw a Mockingbird carrying  a very ripe looking Cherry to the Vegetable Garden where it proceeded to make certain the Cherry was dead, then carried the Cherry by the cherry stem high onto the electric line, which is where Mockingbirds like to gloat.  The Thrasher, obviously a very intelligent bird, having watched the Mockingbird, did exactly the same thing.  The only difference is, that round here, Thrashers don't gloat on the electric line. They prefer the Garden Fence, it's more in your face and personal.  So don't tell me Mockingbirds and Thrashers don't get along.


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