An English In Kentucky


















Friday May 2nd 2014  Tim Candler


     I've come to think there's a Crow giving serious consideration to a nest down in Robina Wood. It's a kind of sinister part of the world, in my view. You hear the odd strange noise from down there, kind of like a Fox or maybe a Wild Cat, or perhaps someone's Pussy Cat gone feral, or maybe some new creature that's never been seen before.  The Artist loves it down there, but fortunately whenever she suggests a visit I have a whole lot of very important things to do.

     The Mockingbirds too are a little distraught by the Crow pacing around, which is something Crows do when they are musing. It's a sort of hands behind the back pacing, that you can imagine military leaders engaged in prior to some major offensive. And clearly the Crow is worrying the odds, and pretty much ignoring everything else, including dive bombing Mockingbirds, assisted by Boy Cardinals and maybe the odd Wren. Crows of course have the cognitive powers of a well read eleven year old human child. So it's all rather worrying for us more simple folk.



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