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Saturday May 31st 2014  Tim Candler


    I had to "Waqf" at Chipmunk today.  When they run in grass, they'll hold their tails up, and it's kind of adorable. Then when they pause to eat something, they'll sit on their haunches, hold whatever it might be in their front paws, and that too is kind of adorable. And they pouch things like nuts which they carry off to their winter hoard, which makes them kind of like Hamsters, and some of us have a soft spot for that sort of activity. And sometimes there'll be precious things dug up, and nibbled, but we all know that sort of vandalism is the work of Skunk who go about their business at night..

    Then, like the Fox Squirrel, you can see Chipmunk suddenly still as though either lost in thought or trying to remember what it was they were doing, and this particular moment has a familiarity, because I too am prone to that same sort of behavior, and it's kind of a bonding moment between a Gardener and a Chipmunk. But when a Chipmunk starts to swagger around, taking no notice of you, he's obviously just showing off, and if the word "shoo" fails to impress him, odds are the word "Waqf" will put the fear of god into him. Quite why the Muslim version of the Christian "charitable endowment" has this effect upon Chipmunk, I don't know.


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