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Monday May 5th 2014  Tim Candler


     If you divide 5 hours by 18 plants you get around 16 minutes per plant. So either a great deal of care and maybe an incantation or two, or perhaps there was just a lot of sitting around staring at stuff yesterday.  I'd also argue that 18 Tomato plants is quite a lot for two people, and The Artist still has 12 Tomato plants left in her nurseries, not counting the two Potato Leaf Brandywines that are sitting forlorn by the frost proof red spigot, and I guess they are there because of some kind of misbehavior on their part.

     This year the Artist's Tomato plants are all of them at least eighteen inches, and they kind of look like Oak Trees with the big strong stem and wide canopy.  And if you count the two ostracized Brandywines there are 14 Tomato Plants left to find homes for.  There's a couple of Old Germans, a Hill Billy or two, a Ponderosa, a couple of Jersey Devils and some Grande Marzano. But more important than any of this is each plant is identifiable through the magic of labeling.  Which is an achievement many years in the making and which can cause Gardeners to swagger around a little.


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