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Tuesday May 6th 2014  Tim Candler


     One estimate will suggest the Cedar Mockingbirds attempt two broods a year, and their first brood is always in a Poofed-Up Cedar tree by the outbuilding, and by Poofed-Up I mean tufted so that it looks like one of those round lollypops, a sort of Louis Fourteenth ornamental that has great charm and elegance.  The troubling thing is that for their first brood the Cedar Mockingbirds have been using the same nest for at least four years, and possibly five. You'll see them add the odd twig and a bit of string, and they'll pounce around looking incredibly busy and sometimes rather haughty and pleased with themselves.

     Of course memory isn't a strong point, and it's especially weak when there is so much to do out there, so I can hear a certain disdain at the idea of the most glamorous of Mockingbird Pairs being so indolent in their approach to their first brood.  And certainly there's always a possibility that I have become subject to failed memory, but if I'm correct there could be an argument that using the same nest year after year may be a sign of great confidence. But you know something, glamour is a sort of laziness that pays others to do the hard work, so I guess the Cedar Mockingbirds think of their second nest as their 'summer place.' 


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