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Wednesday May 7th 2014  Tim Candler


     Mockingbird's are partial to the Strawberry. And I guess it's really decent of us to grow so many of them, giving a Mockingbird plenty of chance to pick and chose, peck this one then that one until he finds the perfect Strawberry which he will then proceed to peck to death, and if he's lucky  he'll divide it in two so that he can fly up to the electric wire with half a Strawberry in his beak, and just sit there so that anybody who might be watching can be thoroughly impressed and not in the least irritated with him.  And of course this sort of off hand, entitled behavior from Mockingbirds results in considerable plotting from Gardeners, one of whom is kind of fond of Mockingbird's while the other hunts through Soldier of Fortune Magazine during her lunch break.

     The compromise achieved back in the winter, when we were all worried about simpler things, consisted of two basic strategies.  The first was a six foot blow up snake, that was absolutely guaranteed to discourage even the peskiest of pests. A Joke Gift, I guess. And if the blow up snake achieved anything, The Artist reports, it appears to be a magnet for Cardinals, much in the same way that Sunflower seeds attract Cardinals. And on occasion the blow up snake has almost given me a heart attack, which might be incidental.  The second strategy The Artist came up with, and which I thought brilliant, was to paint Strawberry shaped rocks in ripe Strawberry colors, about thirty of them, which is not something even an artist can accomplish in an afternoon, and then sneakily dot them around the Strawberry bed close to Strawberry ripening season.  And if you really need an answer, it's "No, it doesn't."



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