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Thursday May 8th 2014  Tim Candler


     Bean planting day.  Which theoretically means there will be no frost until late October.  And if there is I will go to the bank, borrow sufficient to cover the Vegetable Garden with what they call "Indoor, Out Door" carpeting.  And on this "Indoor, Out Door" carpeting, I will arrange a collection of "Gnomic" figurines, and some will be holding fishing rods other's will be engaged in appalling acts of depravity.

     A somewhat dramatic oath you might think, but that's how confident I feel. Of course the last time I was this confident, a late frost blighted the Iris and nut trees. It killed an Apricot, caused havoc in the community of Bluebirds who lost their broods, and I had to spend a couple of weeks avoiding the accusing glare of Tree Swallows shivering on the electric line.



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