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Friday May 9th 2014  Tim Candler


     The idea of "Three Sister," is nut eating par excellence.  It has all the magic of dreams.  That sort of commune that permits a mind to wander further and further from the reality of early agriculture. And to be truly authentic I should go fishing and that part of the catch which is not turned to Fish gruel should be buried by each Maize plant so as to provide fertilizer. Then at night, instead of them sleeping in a comfortable domicile I would tether grandchildren within yards of the "Three Sisters" so as to protect the "Three Sisters"  from marauding bands of Antelope, Raccoon, deranged Opossum, Mole. And if I was to list all "Three Sister" predators  I'd be here until the end of August.  So clearly an even remotely  authentic "Three Sisters" would result in some kind of impasse between myself and a magistrate.

     As well, I am able to grasp that my own regiment, is supremely anal. And here I mean anal in the "Freudian sense." Some distant trauma, I'm sure, but the reality is I like good edging, good tilth, patient soil preparation and rows. And  I really don't think that Beans should be permitted to climb Maize. Morning Glory can climb Maize certainly, but not Beans. And of the Winter Squash, there is really only one that I'm remotely interested in, and that variety of Squash needs to climb, otherwise I worry about it.  All the other Squashes are Pumpkins and good only for carving. A strong opinion I know, and probably puts me up there with General Foch, but I've been brave long enough. The "Three Sisters" will have edges and there will be staking, and God willing some kind of Berlin Wall.  And don't even mention "Domesticated Dog." I'd rather trust a Guinea Pig.



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