An English In Kentucky


















 Tuesday November 11th 2014Tim Candler


   Big Moon last night. Cast a fine shadow, sometime around two. And it's these sort of welcome home sights that put the poetry back into the spine of a Pulp Writing Handyman and Gardener. Yes indeed I have multi-tasked  myself, but not certain I yet have the correct title. I thought maybe PWHAG, for short.  I could add Attic Dwelling, which would make it ADPWHAG.

    For those interested, Our hero is currently in East Sussex, which is about the latitude of Newfoundland. It's winter time where he is, it's a little chilly and he's wearing shorts because shorts are part of his uniform. His grandfather has insisted the Saxon tribes were a kilt-wearing people, so he's wearing a kilt fashioned after a print of the Jacobite Pretender Bonny Charlie, they'd spotted in the encyclopedia.

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