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 Thursday November 13th 2014Tim Candler


   Levitt is an Anglo-Norman name, which means Wolf-like. I thought the name Bunny Levitt had two things going for it. First of all the combination of 'Bunny' and 'Wolf' fills me with a certain joy. And too people called 'Bunny' tend in my mind at least to be of a particular social stratification that lends itself to a happy existence in something like a vacuum occupied by names like 'Dobby' and 'Inky.'

    There is a part of me that would like to think the word 'dated' might be applied to something like an 'Inky.' Yet I'm not sure the 'Bunny' vacuum has gone. More likely it's still out there, and while there maybe no 'Inky' contained within it, there's a good chance of finding something like a 'Precious' or a 'Harmony.' And being perfect in every way, my own name surely doesn't count in these ruminations.

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