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 Friday November 14th 2014Tim Candler


   When browsing the origin of this or that name, a mind can take on a fever at the quantity of sometimes suspicious information available. And the better question is why would an accident of birth matter? Unless of course there is deep in us an idea that the moment of emerging into the world is written by a past time. And here I'm proud to say the first people whose name I carry either made candles, or lit candles, or owed candle wax, maybe just collected candles or had some kind of embarrassing fetish about candles.

    Nor will I be apologizing to, or seeking forgiveness from my ancestors for not having shown more interest in candles through the course of my years upon earth. I can say this because the very earliest candles were probably made in China and last time I checked the mirror I got no sense of a Chinaman staring back at me. Strangely, and this is just my opinion, not everybody accords significance to their own name. Worth noting, and this I do find a little worrisome, Candelarius was the Latin, Chandelier was the French. Which means I could be Italian?

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