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 Saturday November 15th 2014Tim Candler


   Engaged as I have been for the past ten days to the "Power of Positive Thinking" a weaker mind might by now have called off the engagement. One result of this engagement has been a head cold with cough and green phlegm. The other result, a dramatic decline in outdoor temperatures which has led to a certain amount of mental instability in your correspondent. A third result has been what I will call a somnolent response to A Weaver of Inclines which sadly promoted in me an increasingly flawed approach to social media.

    Pewdesduckle was quite kind in her recent review, but I have heard that an E-book by a pulp writer might not be worth reading unless it has received at least thirty reviews. And here in terms of the raw numbers, I'll need somewhere between twenty to thirty thousand very good friends if I am ever to achieve thirty reviews. But thanks to the "Power of Positive Thinking" we who are reclusive and also high on cough drops are able to consider these sorts of challenges as little more than a minor hiccup.

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