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Tuesday November 18th 2014 Tim Candler


   The Sabean Genre, as I'll call it, has a very, very small following. Safe to say it falls several dozen points below the Madrigal. Which should really tell me something, but for some reason it doesn't. So I'm going to spend the next few days explaining The Sabean Genre to myself. Not something a writer of pulp usual does, but I am of the opinion it might be quite useful. Professionals would call it 'exploring the arc' or something like that. And there's a whole verbiage with workshops and these kind of money making opportunities for pretty much all genre's that are not the Sabean Genre.

    Of course everything has to have a beginning. Otherwise narrative becomes structurally unstable, or what the professionals loosely define as 'codswallop.' So in this self explanation, this 'exploration of the arc,' I'll begin with the historical Sabean. Granted some of my sources are suspect. indeed many have spent time in jail, some have been kicked out of their cathedrals of learning for what the professionals call 'making stuff up,' but I'm not one to pass judgment on a firmly held opinion unless it involves farm animals. Either way, the plan is to begin with the Babylonian Invasion of Egypt. So I'm going to sit back and for my homework, I'm going to imagine it's about 3000 years ago and I'm somebody's belt buckle, or perhaps his shirt, or maybe his wooden spoon, or perhaps his shovel.

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