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 Wednesday November 19th 2014 Tim Candler


   In the oral history of the Sabeans there's not so much an act of creation as there is what we Sabeans call a wandering northward.  Naturally enough the anthropological have and will continue to read all sorts of things into the Sabean concept of a wandering northward. But let me just assure you the anthropologist's total failure to grasp a wandering north is a stain on their so called 'professional standards,' and a bit of sore point with those of us Sabeans who've had the misfortune to have been studied by them.

    A wandering northward, to paraphrase Sam Gompers, is a wandering northward. There was no serious plan behind this wandering northward, indeed it had more to do with finding a comfortable place to sit down, a nice breeze and maybe a good view. There is however some debate about where we might have wandered northward from. There are some who will persist with the idea that we got pissed off with our neighbors, but the general more sensible opinion is that while out for a walk it got dark and there were clouds in the sky that made navigating difficult so we couldn't find our way home. And it's really as simple as that.

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