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 Saturday November 1st 2014 Tim Candler


   There may well be a delay in trotting out A Weaver of Inclines. The only available percussionists were a Steel Band, and there is something a little plinky-plonky about the Steel Band. Kind of flip-flops, and those of European origin attempting to score cheap pot, so they can wriggle around drunkenly for week prior to returning to the office cubicle so they might better concentrate upon their Pinterest addiction.

    I too am in the early stages of a Pinterest addiction. They are sort of Twitter, Facebook folk. My own contribution to the genre is equally self centered. And indeed I have pinterested a number relevant jpegs in my constant search for approval. It's called The Board, for those who might be unfamiliar. But much more terrifying, there appear to be at least eight others in the world who go by the name of Tim Candler.


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