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 Saturday November 22nd 2014 Tim Candler


   Around four or five thousand years ago in our Wandering Northward we Sabeans entered that confusing part of our history which we still think of as The Pillars of Pharaoh. And too, when Sabeans gather to discuss The Pillars of Pharaoh it can often lead to discord amongst us. The more astute tribesmen will recognize this discord as an expression of the uncomfortable relationship we had with Egypt, and try to pretend it never happened. Sadly that's not always possible. My own opinion, and it's one I can become really quite passionate about, is essentially that we are more of a Sphinx People than we are a Pyramid People. It's an argument that can while away many an evening and more often than not it ends up in some kind of drunken brawl, after which everyone bursts into tears and we all ramble on a little about Ramses II.


     Ramses II inherited the personification of the Pillars of Pharaoh from his father a little over three thousand years ago and like all truly manipulative people he decided to give the Sabeans credit for defeating a challenge to his authority that came out of the Western Mediterranean. They were tower builders from Sardinia and they were pretty well organized. And here, the one thing all Sabeans can agree upon is that Ramses II was a truly dark moment in our history. Call him Ramses The Great at your peril around us. The point is, there's always been something unfair about any kind of a people who sail around in boats and then suddenly start marauding and pillaging. It's just wrong. Either way, it was this high praise from a Pharaoh that produced the Sphinx/Pyramid Schism in us Sabeans, which erupts now and then, especially around national holidays.



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