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 Monday November 24th 2014 Tim Candler


    Yes indeed, Borg Biting is high on my list of pleasures. It releases tension, centers the passions and could well substitute for the relationship a writer of pulp has with his shovel. All the same, the History of the Sabeans, while it might not be for everyone is a necessary part of the Sabean Genre and as a result Sabean History, such as it is, has to be lodged in the shelves and if necessary forgotten about.

     I do understand that our experience in Egypt might not be for me to interpret, so a précis might be the better way to go. We were there for probably about a thousand years. Ramses II did us no favors. And there were other things. For example while in Egypt we adopted the phrase "Green Sea" as our name for The Mediterranean. Where the Nile enters The Mediterranean the water is often a greenish color but nowhere else is The Mediterranean even a little bit green. So you can imagine the confusion.



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