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Tuesday November 25th 2014 Tim Candler


    Usually as a result of infighting amongst the powerful stability is ephemeral for us people, which is about as close to physics as we Sabeans are able to get. Our concept of entropy is probably about thirty thousand years old, so what we call The Babylon Incursion had an inevitability to it, and was anticipated. For the nit-picking purist it wasn't actually Babylon that invaded Egypt it was Persia. And I could go on but the point is we Sabeans had had a settled existence for a good long time, we had things like hobbies, we had things like chess tournaments, we had our arts and crafts, we had our debating societies, we had something a little bit like Thanksgiving that included sand castle building. And The Babylon Incursion put an end to all that.

    It can be emotional so I'm not certain whether I've explained the Ramses Schism with any great success, but I think for us students of the Rabbit of Usk, the important thing for us to remember is that in the Diaspora, Pyramid Sabeans drew straight lines wandered down into the Arabian Peninsular, got all involved in accounting, in monument building, the Queen of Sheba, the spice trade, precious metals and all that kind of biblical stuff. Which was fine, a little disappointing perhaps, simplistic possibly, insipid maybe, but nothing basically wrong with it. The Sphinx Sabeans had a very different idea of geometry, we're not big fans of Euclid, The Einstein Incursion pretty much leaves us cold, so some Sphinx Sabeans wandered North and the more sensible ones wandered South.



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